Mouse Guardians

Mouse Guardians

Mouse Guardians is an actual-play podcast of the Mouse Guard 2nd Edition tabletop RPG game. Join us as GM Peter takes Paulomi, Waffles-Chris, Jason, and Tess deep into the world of Mouse Guard for a series of epic tales.

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    S2E01: 1148, Fall - Mayhem, Part 1

    Fall, 1148. A season of change, new adventure, and Mayhem. Join Ana, Jazz, and Maren as they welcome new guard mouse Grahame into this next adventure...

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    Season 2 Teaser: 1148, Fall

    An introduction and a teaser of what is to come this Fall season of 1148.

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    S1E11: 1148, Summer - Discord, Part 7

    A return to Mouse Guardians! In which our Summer story continues where the Guardians try to figure out what to do about Harold.

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    S1E10: 1148, Summer - Discord, Part 6

    In which Ana and Maren investigate a house while Jazz and Selwyn follow the woodcutter into the forest for a bit of a chat.

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